Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Track 03 from the album: 'Men you wouldn't want to be....'

The Dealer is a Hard Man

Hey bro, how’s it going? Fantastic day, hey, what a bash.
Yeah, I can help you out with that, Did I hear what about Ash?
She’s fucking dead Fuck! Today of all days. We’re here to party, you know?
Man, I really miss her, guess that’s all we can do now though.

She was pretty as the country back in first year, before she went wild
We had a thing, you know. I really turned her into the party child
I kept her in gear for a while, but she went off, then got worse
I remember when I dumped her, the day she dropped out of our course

Other things, you know, were more important, her choices ultimately,
yeah, and she was like, hearing other voices, not hearing me
Last I saw her, she was a mess just needing to score
I felt really bad when she said she forgave me – like, what the fuck for?

It’s weird though, we used to hold hands, and now she’s slipped through our fingers, hey
Gone forever, Man, what bad timing, on graduation day.
Here, you still want this? My little packet of shame?
Good on you bro, party hard! Yeah, go win the game.


These are lyrics without a tune right now. It might sound something like 'Walk this Way' - something that drunk people might get uninhibited and dance to. But if you'd like to have a go at putting it to music, let me know. I'm happy to rewrite to suit, add a hook line, whatever. As written, each line breaks in two places, if that makes it easier.

There's lyrics to a couple of other songs for the non-existent album around too. It's never going to be a terribly popular collection though...


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