Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Long Distance Romance

Got myself a giant mobile phone
But you’re still short and sweet
And talking to you makes me feel alone
I never see you on the street
You’re in one place, I’m in another
I never thought I'd ever be this kind of lover
Long distance romance doesn’t stand a chance

See that girl in the short skirt
You can’t see her, but she can see me
Staring at my shoes ‘cos she’s tripped an alert
I’m living life so anxiously
I want you near to tell me what to do
I want somebody to tell on you
Long distance romance, or glance dance and lose my pants

Warm and alone on my own in bed
But it’s like someone was almost there
Waking up wishing you were here instead
Your body warmth, the smell of your hair
Holding on for the vibration of the phone
And someone else to tell me she feels all alone
Long distance romance, arrgh, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you ….. (repeat and fade)


A straight out old fashioned rocker. If you've some original musical ideas for these lyrics, please let me know.

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