Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Proposal for an Anthology of tales from the bad old days, the 70s, and 80s.

Personal encounters with Queensland’s most beautiful, pre-Fitzgerald inquiry.

To kick things off, my own contribution, a very casual encounter, superficial, appears near the top of the page. A short story perhaps suited to a chapter of ‘One Night Stands”.

Others had much longer, more intimate relations, spanning months, even years.

If you like the idea and want to contribute, or want to suggest to someone else that they contribute, please do. 
My game plan is simply to put this out there and gather and post what comes back, to encourage further contributions. If it builds into something substantial and significant, I’ll approach publishers to see if we can’t get it into print.
Any material appearing on these pages remains the private property of the authors, and no unauthorised reproduction is permitted.

  Any interest, comments, suggestions, doubts or concerns, email me at

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