Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Canberra Boy - 1982

(lyrics to the unrecorded 1982 classic..... )

Canberra Boy

It's Friday night and I've got some money
gonna go out and find myself a real honey
gonna take her down the lake, give her the works
gonna get real pissed and be a real jerk

'cause I'm a Canberra boy from a middle-class new-left family
and it's plain to see
there's nobody
with so little to believe
so little to achieve
as me

On Saturday arvo going to a demonstration
gonna single-handed change the fate of the nation
gonna scare a politician, and if i fail
gonna get myself arrested and mum'll pay bail

'cause I'm a Canberra boy....

Mum's got a new girlfriend, dad's still drunk
sister's dyed her hair, says she's gonna be a punk
I really don't care what any of them do
'cause I'm never at home, I'm always out screwing you

'cause I'm a Canberra boy....

I've been to highschool, I'm nobody's fool
I know education's a real useful tool
Gonna get a degree in economics
and join the public service with all the other pricks

'cause I'm a Canberra boy....

I might get married, or buy a car
spend my lunchtimes drinking with the boys in the bar
at night I'll go home and raise a family
and bring up my boy to be just like me

he'll be a Canberra boy .....


budding record producers might think twice before calling.....

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